The 24Pet® Top Pet Names Roundup 2020

Once again, 24PetWatch has rounded up the top dog and cat names for the year. 24PetWatch is a leading provider of pet insurance and lost pet recovery services in North America. Through our network of over 1,700 shelters and rescues, we registered over 1 million newly adopted cats and dogs in 2020, making 24PetWatch the go to source for pet adoption data. During 2020 we provided valuable insights on the trends within animal sheltering during the COVID crises. Now it is time to do something a little more fun with the data.

Find out the most popular pet names of 2020!

So what were your favorite pet names?

The top names given to cats were Luna, Oliver, Bella, Milo, Charlie, Lucy, Leo and Shadow. Monikers that topped the canine list included Bella, Luna, Max, Daisy, Charlie, Buddy, Lucy and Coco.

Luna and Bella topped the list for the second year running as the most popular names given to pets in 2020!

Did your pet's name make the list?

This is yet another example of 24PetWatch’s commitment to sharing data-driven insights and highlighting the importance of adopting from shelters and rescues.

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